Monday, January 18, 2010

Whether the Weather...

Legal Insurrection has a video up that would be funny if it wasn't almost sad... Seems at 10:20am, one of the Martha Coakley phone banks was deserted - not a single volunteer making calls. Awww.... The excuse reason given is that the snowstorm and cold weather is keeping folks away.

Funny. The weather didn't keep conservative bloggers from travelling to Massachusetts to get involved. Robert Stacy McCain has been reporting from the cold, and Russ from That's-Right is en route as well. They're not the only ones, either.

So... we have to ask. Why are the netroots dems not flooding the phone banks with warm bodies? Organizing for America has been putting out the emails, asking them to volunteer (and send money!) to help defend "Ted Kennedy's seat".

Well, a quick trip through some liberal comments might give us the real answer.

At DemocraticUnderground, they're blasting Robert Gibbs for calling them unmotivated. Seems they're not so much unmotivated as they are pissed. From the comments:

-maybe because we are sick of being bent over

-Us LGBT folks are really unmotivated... we really got baited and switched.

-This administration has a major attitude problem and it had better get an attitude adjustment.

-One by one the Obama administration threw members of the Progressive base under the bus . . .and now they are surprised, and don't understand why Progressives are NOT motivated!!

While I'm fine with blaming the weather, I'm even happier to place some of the blame on President Obama and his administration. He made a lot of promises to the progressives - only to break those promises - while forgetting it was their activism that helped put him in the White House with a Democratic majority.

They're imploding. And if Brown wins, their morale will drop all the more - which should make for an easier clean up in 2010 and 2012.
Go Scott Brown!
Don't give up HOPE! Yes we can (CHANGE it back)!

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