Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

There is a disturbance in the force. Something is tangled in the warp and weft of the very fabric of the universe. Hell may, indeed, have finally frozen over.

I'm about to defend Peta.

Ohhhh... it burns.

I hate Peta. I've mentioned it. Repeatedly. I really hate them.

I saw this story this morning and didn't post on it. Why? Well, I couldn't do anything with it. Nobody famous was runnin' nekkid in it. They weren't giving preschoolers night terrors outside of the chicken joint. An American Petapeople hit Canadian official Gail Shea in the face with a tofu pie.

Really, my only though was "Tofu pie? Eww!"

But the story? Meh. And this from someone who does a fair amount of vegan loony Peta bashing.
Now I read that Liberal MP Gerry Byrne has told a Newfoundland radio station that the incident should be investigated as a terrorist act.
Byrne says it could be a test case:
"It would be illegal to make funds, to contribute funds, to what is termed a terrorist organization," Byrne said. "It would also severely restrict the movements between borders, between Canada and the U.S., of PETA members, especially their executive, and it would cause a matter of surveillance to occur of PETA members who would be labelled as members of a terrorist organization."
I hate Peta. Have I mentioned that? I thought it was hilarious when the USDA put them on an eco-terror list. But that was for breaking and entering and dangerous behaviors. This is different. This is insane. Restrict their movements? Cut off their funds? Surveillance?
For a freaking pie? Are you shitting me? And gawd help me, I agree with Ingrid Newkirk:
"Mr. Byrne's reaction is a silly, chest-beating exercise that is unlikely to impress anyone who has a heart for animals or who is bright enough to spot the difference between a bomb and a tofu cream pie," Newkirk said in a statement.
I can't believe it... but I agree with her.
The pie pusher was arrested for assault. That makes sense to me, and seems reasonable. But terrorism? For a pie? Gimme a break.

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