Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm a Massachusetts Republican today!

I saw this yesterday at AceOfSpadesHQ:

I wasn't comfortable about this at first. It is easier to be against stuff than for stuff. Most crap sucks, so if you're against it as a general rule, you're right 90% of the time.
It's harder to be *for* something. You can look silly if you're *for* something and that thing turns out to be not so good. Well, not harder really. It's not hard to be a cheerleader. But certainly you're investing more of your credibility when you're huckstering something. But, be that as it may, at some point it's time to drop the "disinterested commentator" line and just admit the obvious, I'm in the bag for the GOP/conservative candidate, and might as well fully embrace that.

I can relate. I've been following the news until now (much coverage here at Legal Insurrection, where I was first "introduced" to Scott Brown), but I find I've become caught up in it - much to my own surprise.

I woke up this morning excited! And I mean "Fired Up!", Mr. President! I've been following the Legal Insurrection live feed, and watching the tweets about the race, and seeing how many bloggers and others from all over the country are emotionally invested... and... well... I'm in the bag for Brown, too!

I'm not a republican, and I'm not from Massachusetts --


I have HOPE! Yes we can (CHANGE it back)!

I freely admit, I have NEVER been this excited about an election. I'm astounded by it! But I'm a-runnin' with it!

Go, Scott, go!

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