Monday, January 25, 2010

I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke...

But I won't be able to afford the taxes. At least, not in New York.

Seems Governor David Paterson wants to combat obesity by adding a penny-an-ounce tax to sugared sodas. That price move, according to this article, will make some brands of beer cheaper than soda.

Now, ignoring the argument over whether you can call Old Milwaukee "beer", let's look at the important point:

Why the hell should everybody be punished for those who cannot exercise moderation?!

I've blogged on this before, because it's a topic that pisses me off. Clearly, it's an idea that's not going away. But guess what? I'm not growing more accepting... on the contrary - I'm more pissed about it than I used to be! But maybe I'm alone. From the comments section of the article:

Freedom of choice is all well and good, but New York has the largest Medicaid system in the country–a very expensive support system for many of the people who drink lots of soda and give it to their children. All of us pay for the medical treatments for poor people that result from their bad consumption decision-making.

THIS is the kind of thinking that will one day threaten the world's supply of bacon.

One last thought on this.
Think carefully... The last time you saw a truly gargantuan member of our society zooming through the grocery store on a motorized cart intended for the handicapped, what was in their basket?

I know, from personal observations, it usually goes like this:
A layer of snack cakes, some Cheetos, frozen dinners and processed food and....


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