Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Black Conservative Destroys Jill Dorson's Apology

Saw this at Legal Insurrection...

Another Black Conservative slams Jill Dorson of Real Clear Politics for her whiny non-apology apology for helping to elect Barack Obama:

I voted for hope and change and all the intangibles that Obama was peddling in the wake of the financial crisis, Sarah Palin, Sept. 11 and all the other ills that shook our country in the last decade. I wanted something new. Something different. What I got was, I suppose, exactly what I voted for - a spin doctor.

I may have thought about replying... but I'm glad I didn't. I couldn't have done it nearly so well as Clifton B. Behold, a perfect response:

Well, Ms. Dobson, apology not accepted. Instead I offer you a big fat “F*ck you”! Your colossal stupidity has doomed millions of Americans, who were ten times smarter than you, to the same fate of unemployment you now endure. You and your ilk run around pretending you are the smartest things on two feet, yet you could not see a dime store con artist standing right before you!


Now take your snarky faux apology and get your dumb ass to the back of the bus! We The People have some work to do trying to figure a way out of the hot mess your Hope n’ Change binge brought us to.
Oh, that's priceless. Just beautiful, really. There's just nothing to add.

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