Friday, January 8, 2010

PETA = A Bunch of Dumbos

Saw this at JammieWearingFool:

Those Dumbos at Peta held another protest against circuses (kind of ironic, as Peta is a circus all its own...). This time, they've chosen the Hodge elementary school in Savannah as a venue.

You read that right. An elementary school. Isn't that a lovely place for a bloody, bandaged elephant to be hanging around? Ringling Brothers is coming to town, and Peta wants to scare the hell out of its potential customers.

Who the hell approved this? Who didn't call the cops?

At my kids' elementary school, parents need clearances from the police to be able to chaperone a field trip, but in Savannah uncleared strangers hidden in full-body costume can stand on the sidewalks harassing children?

I've mentioned (maybe once or twice) how I hate and loathe these extremist whack jobs. Like here, here, and here. A wee bit obsessed? Maybe. But this cult has more respect for the feelings of a fish sea kitten than they do for human children.

Between their disgusting "McCruelty" campaign - where they stand in front of McDonald's restaurants traumatizing every kid who walks by - and this, these people are just going too far. The school district should have notified local police and had these morons dragged away in cuffs. The school district's response was weak:

But an end-of-the-day announcement over the school's loudspeaker warning children not to speak to strangers - even those in costume - foiled the animal rights group's plans to reach hundreds of impressionable minds.

Not speak to strangers? How about not allow strangers to dress as injured animals and pass out propaganda to little kids?

They're lucky it wasn't my kids' school. That elephant would have been displaying some more realistic injuries by the time I finished. Seriously.

I support the right to free speech and expression. I support the right to protest. But the minute you begin to target impressionable children with images intended to horrify, you've crossed a line.

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