Saturday, January 16, 2010


OK... I just posted about an email I got from Organizing for America.

I was surprised to see the Democrats were actually tone deaf enough to keep beating the "Kennedy Seat" drum, and I was naive enough to believe that Scott Brown's perfect reply to that little bit of nonsense might have killed it off.

"It's the people's seat." Beautiful. And I thought... well, you can't really argue that.


First, I got the email from OFA ( THEN, looking around the web, I saw this on (via Democratic Underground):
(emphasis mine)
A seat that has been in Democratic hands since God was in short pants could flip to the GOP after the special election to fill Kennedy's vacant seat takes place next week. Not to some sanded-down version of a Republican, mind you, but a real rock-ribbed fire-breathing right winger. GOP candidate Scott Brown enthusiastically endorses the use of torture, is anti-choice, against stem cell research, and once sponsored an amendment that would have let emergency room workers turn away rape victims if said workers had religious objections to giving those victims emergency contraception should they request it.
This guy - this guy - could take Teddy Kennedy's seat. That a man like this is even within shouting distance of winning a true-blue Massachusetts Senate seat is eloquent proof that the world has, indeed, gone completely barking mad.

Sigh... They do think it's a legacy.

Say it with me now: TED KENNEDY IS DEAD.
And it it not his damn chair, whether he's dead in Hawaii. It's MINE. And it's yours, too.

Talk about an "entitlement mentality".

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