Wednesday, January 6, 2010

David Brooks - Educated Idiot

I read the NYTimes piece by David Brooks yesterday. You know... the one where he breaks political disagreement down into the "educated class" and the rest of us ignorant, uneducated yahoos who don't know enough to listen to our betters.

Now, I already didn't like this guy. He's conservative like I'm a Siamese twin. (Meaning: Not at all, and only a blind fool would believe otherwise.) I've already addressed his less than stellar article on independent voters, and I was all set to rip into this latest bit of condescending, elitist crap.

I'm not the only one... Seems quite a few bloggers want a piece of Brooks this week. The Other McCain muses "How bad does David Brooks suck?", while Michelle Malkin subtly slams him by saying, "It’s David Brooks who needs to grow up."

But my absolute favorite reaction to Brooks' latest babble comes from Russ at That's Right. He captured my feelings towards Brooks and his verbal vomitus perfectly with this:

"David Brooks is a blithering idiot. Period. Fully aware of sounding like a pompous ass myself, by whatever metric you choose to measure intelligence, I would dust Brooks twice on any topic before breakfast."

Not only that, but I'll go farther. If you put this elitist jerk (or Obama... or most of Congress) in the real world with $10 bucks in his pocket and did the same with me (or most of the "uneducated class" Brooks looks down his nose at) and said "Now go survive!" - at the end of the bitter winter only one of us would be still standing. His glorious education may have equipped him for feeling superior to the rest of us, but I doubt it would serve him in any practical survival sense. Personally, I'll keep my practical skills and common sense, which will be more useful to me in life. And if things ever get too bad, maybe Brooks can figure out how to eat his education.

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