Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, THAT Didn't Take Long...

Two days ago, Scott Brown was elected the newest Senator of Massachusetts. He was helped along largely by independents, and a TEA Party movement that's fed up with government gone wild and political parties who don't listen to the people...

Now I get an email from the Republicans. Not only do they seem to be taking credit for Brown's win, they have the nerve to beg for donations to help them carry on. From the email:

But thanks to grassroots leaders like you, ____, our Party had the resources to take back what is really the "people's seat" for the first time in over 48 years.

A bit nervy, that. "Our Party had the resources..." Yeah. Mm-kay.

I knew this would happen. You have folks who believe (rightly) that the Brown victory was a statement against where our country is being taken by this administration. And, as I expected, you have a Republican leadership who thinks the victory is actually a statement for the Republican Party.

Attention Republicans -- Had I been in Massachusetts, this independent would have voted for Scott Brown. Why? Because I am appalled by our current course, and I agree with Brown on enough issues to have justified giving him my vote. Does that mean I'm going to accept (or financially support) any old candidate you throw money behind? Uh... Scozzafava NO!

The email ends:

P.S.: ____, Scott Brown's victory has proven that with the support of the people, a principle conservative candidate can win anytime, anywhere. That's a lesson that Arlen Specter needs to learn the hard way. We want to help you teach him, so we're asking you to make a secure online contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more to the RNC today. We're ready to stand with Pennsylvanians. Thank you.

Arlen Specter's Senate career is DOA. I even emailed to tell him so myself. (By the way... nice that you want to teach him a lesson now. Why didn't you offload the old jerk an election or two ago? The change from D to R was only a technicality. You knew what he was and supported him anyway.)

The people of Pennsylvania are going to rid ourselves of this man, regardless. The liberals want him out because they don't trust him, and the rest of us want him out because he's more liberal than the liberals give him credit for. He's going to be vacating that seat, and it's going to happen for the same reason Scott Brown won his election -- the people have had enough!

And frankly, I don't think we need to donate money to a bloated, out-of-touch party that doesn't listen any better than the other party does to make that happen. Stop using Scott Brown to beg for donations. He's better than that, even if your leadership isn't.

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