Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bring on the "less-than-perfect" candidates - PLEASE!

I just read a piece about the Massachusetts Senate race by Rick Moran at PajamasMedia.

It appears from the record that Brown has an open mind, does his homework, and is a true independent thinker. Is there room in the GOP and the conservative movement for such as he? Will other, less-than-perfect conservatives who run in the Northeast in 2010 get similar levels of support from national activists and party pros?

As an independent who is often at odds with both major parties, let me beg the conservatives to do exactly that!

The more I learn about Scott Brown (much info here at Legal Insurrection), the more I like him. And the candidate Moran describes is the kind of candidate I can get behind:

So what will conservatives make of such a man? A hit with labor unions and environmental groups — sometimes. Strong anti-tax cred. Pro-choice, but not in-your-face about it. Beloved of teachers unions — sometimes. Proven fiscal hawk. A man’s man who loves triathlons, has served in the National Guard for 30 years, has a beautiful wife, and drives a GMC Canyon truck with nearly 200,000 miles on it.

Yes, the GOP should support more of these "less-than-perfect" candidates. And you're going to have to if you want to win. You need the independent votes, and you'll get them with independent thinkers. I don't agree with all Brown's positions, but overall he's exactly the kind of representation I want.

I've posted before about resisting the conservative label - over issues of ideological purity. At the same time, I realize I lean toward many conservative ideas. I think a candidate like Scott Brown is a fair representative for me (alas, I'm not in Mass.) because he is also not ideologically rigid, and he is also unapologetic about the fact.

So please, conservatives... More like this one! Realisticly, if a voter doesn't want what we have now, Republican is the only way to vote. Independents know this, but we haven't liked the options you've offered. So the Republican Party, as an entity and as individuals, should back candidates like Scott Brown in every race, in every state. THIS independent has had enough Hope & Change... but I'm also not interested in your Newts or Mitts.

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