Saturday, January 16, 2010

OFA Voter Turnout Effort to Save TED KENNEDY'S SEAT

They really are tone deaf. This is beyond arrogant and just... stupid. Really.

But it's stupid and expensive -- so send money!

I give you... the latest update from the "know your enemy" mailing list:
(emphasis mine)
____ --
There's a crucial Senate election in Massachusetts in just three days. We need your help to win it.The polls are tightening as right-wing money floods the state, and one even shows the race to be a dead heat between progressive champion Martha Coakley and her extreme opponent. The truth is, special elections often have very low turnout and are notoriously unpredictable.The stakes are just too high to leave Martha's victory to chance.
If we lose, Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat will be in the hands of someone who opposes everything he fought for. We'll lose a key vote for the President's agenda in the Senate -- and put all the progress we've made toward health reform at risk.
That's why OFA is putting together a massive voter turnout effort to make sure Obama voters get back to the polls this time around -- but we need your help to pay for it. Please donate $5 or more to OFA to help fund our organizing, including our work to elect Martha Coakley.

OFA is going all out in Massachusetts -- we're sending organizers, knocking on doors,
and making phone calls by the tens of thousands to make sure that folks know how to participate.
It's a huge effort, it's expensive, and time is short. But with the outcome uncertain and the stakes sky high, I don't want to wake up the morning after the election thinking that we could have done something more. If you feel the same way, please donate $5 or more to help us make Martha Coakley the next senator from Massachusetts:
StewartDirectorOrganizing for America

Wow. Just... wow. They said it again. Stupid and arrogant.

Much better coverage of the Scott Brown phenomenon here at Legal Insurrection.

The Democrats are only helping Brown. I hope they keep it up.

SCOTT BROWN for REAL Hope & Change!
Don't give up HOPE! Yes we can (CHANGE it back)!

UPDATE: More of the same foolishness...

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Tom Degan said...

Mississippi? Without a doubt.

Alabama? Inevitable.

Texas? A foregone conclusion.

Having said that, I refuse to believe that - given all that the GOP has done to this once-great nation in the past decade - the good people of Massachusetts would be stupid enough to send a Republican to Washington at this point in our history.

I'm sorry but I just refuse to believe it.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY