Friday, February 5, 2010

Ruh Roh - Rush Repeating Rahm's Retarded Remark Riles Rogue Republican

Say that three times fast. Heh.

Russ over at That's Right disagrees with Sarah Palin's purported reaction to Rush Limbaugh, who took Rahm Emanuel's retarded remarks to a new level. No wonder, since it's being reported as "Palin Camp Rips Limbaugh".

But here's the thing... Did she "rip" him? It doesn't strike me that way. Greg Sargent emailed Palin's spokesperson, asking for a comment on Limbaugh's remarks. The reply?

“Governor Palin believes crude and demeaning name calling at the expense of others is disrespectful.”

I think the reply is honest, mild and appropriate. But to run that response under the heading "Palin Camp Rips Limbaugh" seems disingenuous. What did you think she would say? That if it's a Republican, it's OK? But she hardly ripped anyone.

Are they going to call Palin for a comment every time the word "retarded" is spoken?

And it's irrelevant to the debate about Rahm Emanuel. I told you... I'm happy to see him fired for any reason - whether it be because he insulted the special needs community, or just because he gives me the creeps on a visceral level.

Anyone creepier than this guy has no business working in government. Or the private sector. Or anywhere the sun is shining....

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