Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Jurassic Period Is Over...

So can we please stop re-electing dinosaurs?

I saw this yesterday on JammieWearingFool. I know... I'm behind, but I'm catching up. Anyway...

"New Jersey's 86-year-old Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg was rushed to the hospital tonight after a fall."

EIGHTY-SIX FREAKING YEARS OLD?!? Who voted for this guy? Seriously. 'Fess up!

Look, I'm not saying the elderly (which is what Lautenberg is, to be blunt) can't contribute or still be an asset to humanity. I have an 88 year old grandmother who I dearly love. But I wouldn't VOTE FOR HER, fer gawd's sakes!


Because she's 88 years old! Not only has she reached an age where her health isn't what it used to be, but she's not exactly in touch with the needs and concerns of younger America. (There's nothing wrong with her mind. It's just that she's long past the time when she could relate to young families struggling, or had to seek a job in this economy.)

"Lautenberg would be 90 if he finished out his term."

And yet enough people voted for him that he's actually still in office. And he's not the only Senator who graduated high school with Fred Flintstone. (At one point I was starting to think they'd have Thurmond embalmed and propped in his office.) And what about Byrd? Where did they - or we - get the idea that these were lifetime positions?

Sometimes I think we get exactly what we deserve when it comes to Washington...


Thats Right said...

My stupid state. And this fossil had the nerve to name a fairly useless NJ Transit station after himself a few years ago. It was and is such a colossal waste of money as to be almost comical: http://www.politickernj.com/khainen/24264/waste-week-10-frank-r-lautenberg-train-station

Epic fail.

Matt said...

@ That's Right, there's the beauty of your statement. It's a relatively useless Transit station. Wholly consistent with the uselessness of the the fossil.

Republican Redefined said...

Im not one to make light of old age or poor health but could it simply be nature doing that which we are too weak or compassionate to do for ourselves. I am not a term limit guy as I believe it is counter to the original intent of our Founders but that being said, I don't think they could have envisioned the career life-long politicians that we have in this very new century. I'm not saying it was better when "old age" was 50 but it sure did great things for our politics.

Thats Right said...

Yeh I don't really care about age either, except insofar as to point out the rank hypocrisy from the left who said that McCain was too old. The point is that Launtenberg sucks and has sucked for 40 years.

In re: term limits, I've put forward a compromise that I think would work whereby all Congressmen would have to take a break after serving maybe two consecutive terms, perhaps equal to a given term (6 yrs; 2 yrs), after which they could run again under the same procedure.

I really do think that there needs to be some kind of mandated break period. It's gotten way out of control.